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Filling the Gaps 

Transport and Storage requirements are specified by the manufacturers of your equipment. Who is monitoring them to be sure your investment is fit for use when it arrives on the project site? Don't leave it to chance. Read our White Paper to learn more.

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What to Monitor

Increasing Your Awareness

If your equipment exceeds Transport or Storage parameters, you will be armed with that knowledge before unseen damage can cost you downtime. Download our step by step checklist to see how we conduct a Transport Condition Monitoring (TCM) exercise.

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Proper Handling

In Good Hands?

Have the applicable technical specifications, handling requirements, and standards trickled down the logistics value chain? How is your cargo meant to be handled? Request a free assessment to identify possible quality gaps in your documentation.

Why TQE?

In two words, "Praemonitus, Praemunitus." Advance notice provides an advantage. 

“We help companies maximize their return on investment by reducing the risks associated with handling, transport, and storage of their components or materials.”

We accomplish this by:

  • Researching technical specifications, limits, standards, and handling requirements
  • Identifying "unseen damage" early that can reduce life expectancy
  • Monitoring parameters to ensure compliance
  • Helping customers NOT void equipment warranties
  • Assessing equipment "fit for use" condition
  • Keeping project schedules ontime and on budget
  • Improving the transport and storage process by reducing variation
  • Reducing insurance claim times through data collection
  • Removing handling, transport, and storage from root cause analysis
  • Increasing product uptime and reliability
Transport and Storage Condition Monitoring

Statistical Analysis

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Complex condition monitoring systems are becoming commonplace in power plant operations and manufacturing.TQE uses a variety of equipment packages and instrumentation to conduct transport and storage condition monitoring. Once data aquisition is completed, TQE begins an in-depth statistical analysis process using six sigma methodology. When the process is complete, a full report is provided to the client. 

Gearbox TCM

  • Gearbox TCM
    WTG Gearbox
  • Gearbox TCM
    Gearbox On Truck
  • Gearbox TCM
    Gearbox Lashed
  • Gearbox TCM
    Unload at Site
  • Gearbox TCM
    Data Loggers
  • Gearbox TCM
    Lifting of Gearbox
  • Gearbox TCM
    Humidity Data
  • Gearbox TCM
    Temperature Data
  • Gearbox TCM
    Vibration in Z Axis

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