Renewable Energy Consulting

TQE specializes in commercial business development and technical  consultation in the renewable energy space with a focus on wind and solar energy. 

In addition, TQE Technologies offers asset tracking services. We strive to educate and equip project stakeholders with the tools to know where their assets are at any given moment on the planet and to be certain they are being handled with the care they deserve. 

Continuous improvement is more than a catch phrase at TQE. It is the question that drives us in all that we do. Can it be better? Can it cost less? Can quality be higher? The truth is that all processes and products have room for improvement. We are there as a resource for customers who are experiencing challenges and need to pull in some extra help. 

Perhaps it's an operational issue like a persistent alarm on a wind turbine causing significant downtime or a string inverter that always fails earlier than expected on a solar plant. We specialize in Six Sigma and Statistical Process Control and would love to put our skills to work for you. 

Questions concerning wind turbines? TQE can be your resource when it comes to any and all questions concerning wind turbine technology. With several years in the business including work with Independent Engineers, Utilities, IPPs, Developers, Vendors, and Banks, you have someone to call for advice.